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Fields relating to external triggers that start a pipeline.


Key Type Description
input.pipeline.trigger.artifacts[] [array] See artifacts for more information.
input.pipeline.trigger.dryRun boolean
input.pipeline.trigger.enabled boolean True if the trigger is enabled.
input.pipeline.trigger.eventId string
input.pipeline.trigger.executionId string
input.pipeline.trigger.expectedArtifacts[] [array] See artifacts for more information.
input.pipeline.trigger.isDryRun boolean
input.pipeline.trigger.isRebake boolean
input.pipeline.trigger.isStrategy boolean
input.pipeline.trigger.other.artifacts[] [array] See artifacts for more information.
input.pipeline.trigger.other.dryRun boolean
input.pipeline.trigger.other.enabled boolean
input.pipeline.trigger.other.eventId string
input.pipeline.trigger.other.executionId string
input.pipeline.trigger.other.expectedArtifacts[] [array] See artifacts for more information.
input.pipeline.trigger.other.preferred boolean
input.pipeline.trigger.other.rebake boolean
input.pipeline.trigger.other.resolvedExpectedArtifacts[] [array] See artifacts for more information.
input.pipeline.trigger.other.strategy boolean
input.pipeline.trigger.other.type string
input.pipeline.trigger.other.user string
input.pipeline.trigger.parameters.<parameterName> string The value specified for the parameter when triggering the pipeline.
input.pipeline.trigger.preferred boolean
input.pipeline.trigger.rebake boolean
input.pipeline.trigger.resolvedExpectedArtifacts[] [array] See artifacts for more information.
input.pipeline.trigger.type string The type of trigger. See Triggering Pipelines - Overview for more information.
input.pipeline.trigger.user string For triggers of type git, the user or organization associated with the git repository.
input.pipeline.triggers[].branch string Which branch of the git repository triggers this pipeline.
input.pipeline.triggers[].dryRun boolean
input.pipeline.triggers[].enabled boolean True if the trigger is enabled.
input.pipeline.triggers[].expectedArtifactIds[] string
input.pipeline.triggers[].id string
input.pipeline.triggers[].preferred boolean
input.pipeline.triggers[].project string A change in what project triggers this pipeline.
input.pipeline.triggers[].rebake boolean True if all baked artifacts should be rebaked, even if their inputs have not changed.
input.pipeline.triggers[].secret string The secret that the trigger uses to authenticate with Armory Enterprise.
input.pipeline.triggers[].slug string The trigger’s slug. For example, with a GitHub trigger this is the project name.
input.pipeline.triggers[].source string The type of the source for the trigger. For some trigger types this can be used to disambiguate amongst multiple trigger invokers.
input.pipeline.triggers[].type string The configured type of the trigger.

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